Wintertime may make you want to curl up by the warm fire, but for us, wellness is a year-round passion. Especially during the colder months, post-workout muscles need extra love and support. That’s why a growing number of fitness buffs and athletes are turning to the all-natural plant power of CBD for muscle recovery.

If you’re interested in treating your body right this season, today’s post is for you. Take a deep dive into the reasons why muscles become sore after working out, how cold weather may change your workout routine and some potential CBD benefits that may make all of this more easeful.

CBD for Muscle Recovery

CBD for Muscle Recovery: Why Do We Get Sore After a Workout?

No matter what kind of exercise or wellness routine you subscribe to—yoga, cycling, or tennis, to name just a few—you’ve probably noticed that certain muscles can feel strained and achy afterward, especially if it’s been a little while since your last workout.

The reason for this, typically, is something called delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMs. The good news: DOMs are a completely healthy and normal reaction to exercise. It’s the byproduct of the natural breakdown of muscle fibers as they adapt to a new and stronger configuration.

Unless you’re experiencing severe discomfort—in which case you should take a break from your workout routine until the sensation subsides—exercise and the potential achiness that follows are worth the mild discomfort.

If your muscles are sore, many experts recommend gentle exercise to build your endurance and post-workout stretching to reduce the discomfort of sore muscles. There’s another way to help those achy muscles relax, too: our topical balm or CBD oil, such as the popular Releaf options.

You may have used topical “heat rub” products such as Mentholatum or Bengay, which produce a characteristic sensation of heat or prickliness on the skin. Some fitness experts aren’t so keen on them, arguing that they essentially numb or distract us.