Have you felt the benefits of CBD but wondered if taking it every day is a good idea? In the past few years, a wealth of clinical studies have demonstrated the potential benefits of daily CBD, from lending us support when we’re feeling stressed to helping us decrease the blues, and even helping us contend with cramps. As many of us are finding, when you take CBD daily, you reap long-term benefits.

But as both our common sense (and recent studies) suggest, not all CBD is created equal. Where your CBD supplement comes from as well as how it’s grown, harvested, and processed all make a big difference in its effectiveness. Here at Papa & Barkley, we believe that for our products to be good for you, they have to be good for everyone: Our customers, our workers, and our neighbors.

So with that in mind, we’d like to share some of the reasons why adding CBD to routine activities such as exercise, yoga, and your sleep hygiene routine can support lasting health and wellness.