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Where sungrown hemp and premium ingredients make potent Releaf.

Effective wellness solutions start with sourcing premium sungrown hemp and certified-clean ingredients.

Our hemp farmers focus on regenerative and organic farming principles, without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Their love and care for this plant, allows us to provide you with powerful CBD products.

Passionate Farmers

Our hemp farmers' passion for growing clean and natural plants equals our own. Using native soils they are able to nurture the best sun-grown hemp, so we can give you the best products.

Organic Farming Practices

Our farmers focus on sustainable, regenerative farming practices that do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals - because, well, your wellness products shouldn’t be harmful to your health.

Clean Ingredients

Clean hemp is just the beginning. All of our Releaf products source clean ingredients, including organic beeswax and premium essential oils, to ensure what you put on and in your body are clean and effective.

Visit A Farm

Meet the farmer and tour Vesica Ventures in Oregon's Rogue Valley in our Farm to Shelf series.