Many people struggle with sleep problems that can seriously affect their quality of life. Many also turn to over-the-counter medication in order to help them get the full night’s rest they need. However, over-the-counter or prescription medication is not your only hope for getting sleep. CBD for sleep may be a better option for getting the restful sleep you deserve.

The Problem With the Pharmacy

An over-the-counter sleep aid can certainly help you to fall asleep, but oftentimes sleep medication can come with unwanted side effects. The most common of these is daytime sleepiness and drowsiness. While a sleeping pill may have you dozing off in no time, its effects won’t just end exactly when you wake up.

Many people who take these medications struggle with daytime drowsiness the day after which can seriously affect their ability to function. Additionally, benzodiazepines such as xanax that are commonly prescribed for sleep problems can cause long-term dependency.

As a result of these side effects, it’s not uncommon for people to skip the pharmacy and seek out all-natural sleep aid alternatives instead. Supplements like valerian root and lavender are often used as all natural alternatives for relaxation, but they’re not the only options. Another plant-derived compound that has been gaining attention for its possible sleep benefits is CBD.

CBD Benefits for Sleep

CBD for Sleep: An Effective, Plant-derived Alternative?

Many people are turning to CBD to help them sleep. A recent survey found that 11% of people who use CBD products do so for improving their sleep. Another recent survey found that sleep was the second most common reason for using CBD among a survey group of more than 300 people.

For some people struggling to shut down for the night, the calming and relaxing effects of CBD could be just what the doctor ordered. By calming their mind, reducing stress, and taking a load off their overburdened brains, CBD may be able to get people in a state of mind to fall asleep.