Good sleep is integral to good health. However, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy. Many Americans struggle with sleep problems that affect their ability to function during the day, and that could adversely affect their overall health.

From counting sheep to over-the-counter sleep aids, there are many different strategies that people use to help them sleep better. One method that is gaining in popularity is the use of CBD products. In fact, a recent Gallup survey found that 11% of people who use CBD do so to help them sleep. Considering these results, there may very well be a link between better sleep and CBD, but is CBD for sleep actually effective?

CBD Capsule For Sleep

Sleep and CBD: Will it Work for Me?

The first thing to consider when assessing whether to try CBD for sleep is to ponder: What do you think is causing your sleep problems in the first place?

CBD may help quell feelings of stress, which many people cite as a contributing factor in loss of sleep. Indeed, research indicates that CBD may alleviate certain types of stress. Stress and poor mood are known to have a negative effect on sleep. For example, a racing mind can make it hard to slip into restful sleep and may even result in waking up throughout the night.

Many people find that CBD’s calming effects could potentially help them to settle down and relax before bed. One 2019 study looked at 72 patients who reported anxiety and poor sleep and found that 66.7% had better sleep scores after the first month of dosing with CBD.

However, anxious people aren’t the only ones who may benefit from the possible link between CBD and sleep. Just because you don’t suffer from anxiety doesn’t mean that CBD may not result in better sleep. CBD’s potential to relieve mental discomfort may help improve sleep for many people, but it also holds promise for relieving physical discomfort. The anti-inflammatory potential of CBD and use of CBD for muscle recovery may provide just the physical relaxation you need to get better sleep.